Juvenile Delinquency

Into the Twenty-First Century

1st Edition

Lewis Yablonsky   California State University, Northridge

Published by Wadsworth Publishing

PB © 2000
ISBN/ISSN: 0-8304-1425-8
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Provides a practical, solutions-focused approach to controlling and preventing juvenile delinquency and a systematic analysis of the juvenile delinquency problem in the United States. The case material furthers the students' understanding of delinquency problems through the author's analysis and the voices of youths who have found themselves adjudicated as delinquents. Also revealed is how the juvenile justice system has changed significantly over the past one hundred years, beginning with the modification of treating juveniles separately and differently from adult criminals at the beginning of the twentieth century. This book not only deals with the overall traditional juvenile justice court system and treatment approaches, but also presents stimulating data on the psychology of juvenile delinquency based on the author's direct work with delinquents incarcerated in mental hospitals.


The author has studied and worked in what he calls the "combat zone" of crime and delinquency for decades.

The exceptional Criminal Justice Resource Center Web site at http://cj.wadsworth.com contains links to over 3,000 popular criminal justice sites, grants/funding, jobs, news, list servs, convention information, instructor resources, and other fun links.

Part Seven: "Therapeutic Communities: An Innovative Method for the Prevention and Control of Juvenile Delinquency," demonstrates a viable approach to prevention and control of delinquency.

Delineates the varied kinds of substance abuse and describes methods of preventing and controlling juvenile drug addiction.

Extensively covers research on gang behavior, including material from the author's books:

Analyzes how mass media violence has influenced juveniles who have committed recent senseless violence.

Covers the recent rash of homicides on school grounds.

Case material from the author's own research adds immediacy and realism to key topics.

Research-test, practical solutions that students can use in careers as police officers, probation and parole officers, and lawyers.

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